Beautiful Fitted Bathrooms

Bathrooms - A necessary expense

The Bathroom is probably the smallest room in the house but per square foot can be the most expensive to refurbish.

​People are often taken aback by the cost of a new bathroom. We spend more on our kitchens but, as it is a room we spend alot of time in, and is often seen as the Hub of the home we are happy to spend that bit extra.  However, a bathroom is tucked away upstairs and is rarely seen by anyone other than immediate family. We also look at our kitchens and see a lot for our money. The average kitchen can have 14 cabinets or more and many appliances to include refrigeration, a hob, extractor, oven, built in microwave plus worktops and of course the related lighting, tiling and flooring. Whereas, a bathroom can be thought of as just a WC, bath, sink and shower.

Why is a good quality bathroom is almost as much as a small kitchen?

The bathroom doesn't have to be too expensive, if it's putting a new suite back in the existing site AND all the plumbing is up to standard you haven't chosen to do a lot of tiling it can be relatively uncostly.

Most of our customers come to us on recommendation and they do start with a budget in mind. We do work with our customers to get their bathroom done close to their budget, but remember to be realistic. It is not going to be a low cost job if you want to have a fully tiled bathroom including those stunning big square floor tiles. I am sure you will want to add a heated towel rail and the latest LED lit mirror too. The budget is really all down to you and your personal taste and extravagance. I am sure you are worth it.  

We think of everything

As well as the cost of all the fittings, accessories and tiles there maybe remedial works such as putting up new ceilings and adding spotlights. The obvious plumbing and electrical works which may include installing of underfloor heating and tiling. So it may be the smallest room in the house but a lot of work goes into installing a good quality luxurious bathroom. whatever it is that needs doing - we have got it covered.

Where do I buy? Large retailer or small independent specialist?

You can go low cost and go to your local large retailer and buy a bathroom for under £500, but you won't always be getting the best quality. The advertise price doesn't include all the extras like a mirror, taps, handles, plinth, lighting, tiles and any extra cabinets. This can easily add another £1000 to your bathroom and then there is the fitting. The fitting is where the discount stores really make their money.

The fitting cost in these stores tends to be as much as the bathroom itself. So your bargain bathroom could actually end up costing you in excess of £3000, that is if you choose lower cost tiles and taps. If you are looking to just refurbish to sell a property on or you are working to a budget - this maybe the way to go.

​Give your local independent retailer a go!

Do you have your own local independent retailer? If you have - you should at least give then the chance to quote for your bathroom, especially if they have come recommended. Here at the Kitchen and Bedroom studio we are a Which Trusted Trader. You will also receive  a personal friendly service with great aftercare service. At the Kitchen and Bedroom studio we have a very relaxed approach and will not rush you into any decisions. Initially we can come to your home to do a FREE no obligation survey together with computer aided design, or, if you would prefer you can pop into our showroom in Talbot Green for a chat. 

Getting ideas,  I just don't know where to start.

We of course can give you lots of ideas. But, before you even start to shop around, treat yourself to a magazine that has features on bathrooms or just browse for ideas on the internet. Pinterest is a great app for inspiration. 

A bathroom for keeps

If you are planning to stay in your home for a considerable amount of time I would consider spending a bit more on the bathroom. it will add value to your home and women especially like a nice soak in the tub - if it keeps them happy then the other half will be too. Interestingly on showing a friend around our recently refurbished home she said it was the bathroom that sold the house to her more than anything. It just goes to show how important it can be.

We take care ​of everything!

Working alongside a highly reputable local builder we undertake related building works. The bathroom  installation ​can include, the electrics, plumbing, tiling and plastering ALL only using our tried and tested trades people. We don't subcontract work out to just anyone. Many of our traders are also Which Trusted Traders so you can be sure you will be getting a quality job.


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