Easier and Cleaner Cooking with an AEG Induction Hob

Easier and Cleaner Cooking with an AEG Induction Hob

Why choose an AEG Induction Hob ?

Induction hobs from AEG are safe and easy to use, if I can use it anyone can !

I am a very messy cook but the ease of cleaning the hob afterwards means that it always looks as if its fresh out of the box.  I really love the outstanding temperature control ! You can go from simmering to boiling with just a simple slide of your finger.  A really handy feature is that you can boil a pan of water very quickly, always handy when you ve forgotten to put the peas on and you’re almost ready to serve !

What is Intelligent Induction Technology ?

Intelligent induction technology heats pans and the food in them, but nothing else. The surface around the pans stays cool which is great especially if your rice boils over,  nothing gets burnt on and it just takes a quick wipe with a cloth and its back to being sleek and clean. A big plus also is it only starts to get hot when there’s cookware on the surface. So no cookware, no heat, no accidents.  When you take the pans off the heat it cools really quickly so you can touch the surface or wipe it over without the risk of burning yourself. So easy your teenager could clean the hob for you afterwards !

Faster than any other hob

As previously mentioned Induction hobs heat quicker than other hobs, allowing you to increase the speed at which you cook and master recipes. Induction hobs have sensitive touch controls that take you from cool to hot – and back – immediately.

So to re cap here are some of the great advantages of cooking with an induction hob from AEG.

  • Sensitive controls for precision cooking
  • Exact heat for impeccable results
  • Intelligent use of power for reduced energy consumption
  • Extra efficiency use of residual heat
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Cool to the touch after cooking

I am a proud owner of an AEG Induction hob and can’t say I will ever go back to cooking with Gas.  For me it’s the ease of cooking, the temperature control, the fast boil feature but I would say as someone who hates cleaning hobs its got to be the ease of cleaning and having a hob which is now over a year old but still looks like new with the minimum effort.   Less time cleaning means I can have that extra glass of wine !

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